The Team


Mack Abbott 

Founder & Co-owner

Mack ventured into the PR world at the mere age of 15.  She has worked with Mike Tyson, Boyz II Men, Joey Fatone, Vinny Guadagnino, and Bret Michaels. She specializes in developing all-inclusive campaigns for clients including luxury brands, celebrities, and world-class businesses. 


Throughout her last four years in the industry, she has presented clients in a way that appeals to both the traditional and new generations. This creates a whole new view that a PR Firm can use to its advantage to reach a wide range of audiences. Her work is seen in press campaigns, luxury events, traditional print, broadcast, and digital platforms.


Mack has made it her personal mission to help her clients build their brand presence and reputation in the media. This is done through her skills within industry connections, creative strategy, and messaging knowledge. 


Her experience working within the public relations industry from multiple angles helps create a long-lasting and sustainable business model for the up-and-coming modern PR firm - BAPR Group.


Founder & Co-owner

Josiah started his first 7-figure business at age 19. Since then he has been working with entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate executives, and celebrities to build and expand 7 & 8-figure companies through brand identity and business development.

Working with clients from firms that run the massive visual ads in time square and product placement in Hollywood television to celebrities who are ready to start their dream business of interior design has given Josiah and his team the experience needed to build a world-class brand. They travel the globe creating a global network and developing their cultural, regional, and cognitive expertise in order to produce and deliver high-quality modern, diverse work.

Josiah guides each client step-by-step through brand conception, campaign marketing, and ‘everyone’s favorite’, ROI. Helping his clients and students attain their visionary goal will always be Josiah’s dream, and he is passionate about creating a world where marketing develops an abundant mindset in people rather than one of lack or insufficiency.

Josiah’s number one rule: Create something amazing that makes you and your clients want to jump out of bed in the morning, and have FUN doing it!